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Dwm Escrow is intended to be used by our members to keep their funds safe from rippers.

N.B Do not open escrow thread if you are not ready to use the service,talk to the seller before starting a thread to avoid time wasting.
How escrow works;
1. Buyer makes a transfer to our Escrow account and make a new thread on the Escrow section, indicating transaction batch, the members involved on the deal (buyer and seller) and a brief comment of the deal.

2. Dwm escrow team confirms the transfer on the thread made by the buyer.

3. The seller provides the service/product to the buyer and notify it on the thread.

4. The buyer check the service/product sent by the seller. If its all OK, the buyer ask for release the payment or ask for refund on the same thread.

5.Dwm escrow team release the payment to the seller if all is OK. If not, the money will be returned to the buyer.

If a buyer is not satisfied with the service/product provided by the seller, The Dwm Team will act as judge and we will make the decision if the funds are released or returned. Proofs is a must.

Escrow service fee: $20 on every deal and Escrow fee is kept regardless if transaction was successful or not.


- 1 escrow = 1 deal, 1 thread only.

- Nobody can reply to escrow thread if is not involved on the deal, so usually it will be the buyer, the seller and the escrow team

- If you are not involved on the deal and you post on one thread, you will be warned or even banned.

- If you want to cancel the escrow, you will get the money back MINUS the $20.

- Escrow team do not sell anything

- Escrow have no minimum deposit we can handle any amount for a safe transaction.

-We Only handle money in bitcoin,perfect money,Bitcoin cash and Ethereum only.


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